What is the motherboard & Central processing unit ?

Computer & Computer Architecture 

A Computer is an electronic machine which takes DATA or instructions as input,
Processes it and gives data or instructions as output.

    Components of a Computer Classified as.

      * Input Unit.
      * Central Processing Unit.
      * Output unit.

        Input Unit :

                           Through input, unit data is entered or fed into the computer. Through input
The unit, instructions are also entered in the computer these instructions are then translated into machine language in these various input devices used by the present generation Computer.

     CPU " Central Processing Unit "

                          The Central Processing Unit is the most important part of a computer. CPU
       is a microprocessor chip that executes all of the stored programmed instructions for any 
       software used by the Computer.

         CPU Contains Following Four Sub Units 

                 * Arithmetic Logical Unit.
                 * Control Unit.
                 * Primary Storage Unit.
                 * Secondary Storage Unit.

* Arithmetic Logic Unit  

             This Arithmetic Logic unit deals with the arithmetic & Logical operations of the com-
puter. The Computer usually performs two arithmetic operations Viz. addition & complement-

* Primary Storage Unit 

             Primary Storage unit every Computer has a certain amount of memory for storage of
Data & instruction.

* RAM [ Random Access Memory ]

             For information being used at the moment, the system needs to be able to get to any part of that information very quickly Random-access us faster than sequential access.
 The main reason that the computer doesn't just store everything in RAM is that information in
RAM is lost whenever the power is turned off

ROM [ Read Only Memory ]

           Rom is the memory which is available to the user only for the purpose of reading
information from it.

*Secondary Storage Unit

            Secondary Storage unit is the hard disks, TAPS, USB & other Devices.     

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