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Windows Server 2003 Part 2

Active Directory information 

After Installation OS Windows Server 2003 complete in your Machine then Enable the both of the Option Like Active Directory. We will discuss with Active Directory Details.

Getting Started With Active Directory Services.

Windows Server 2003 Active Directory is a centralized database that stores to a collection of information about the connection with your domain. It enables to administrators to manage the network resources Ex. Computers, Users, Printers, Share Folders, Etc., it is used for
manage the network and user for understanding the network.
The Active Directory Logical Structure represented by Active Directory consists of Forest, Trees, Domains, Organizational Unit, and individual objects. this structure manages by Active Directory.

Logical Components Of the Active Directory Structure :

Forest :

A Forest is the outermost boundary of an active directory structure. It is a group of multiple domain trees that share a common schema but do not form a is installed on a network. there is at least one forest on a network. The first domain in a forest is called a root domain. it controls the schema and domain naming for the entire forest.

Trees :

A hierarchical structure of multiple domains organized in the active directory forest is referred to as a tree. It consists of a root domain and several child domains. The first domain created in a tree becomes the root domain. Any domain added to the parent-child hierarchy continues until the terminal node is reached.

Domains : 

A Domain is the basic organizational structure of a windows server 2003 networking model it logically organizes the resources on a network and defines a security boundary in Active 

Objects :

Active Directory stores all network resources in the form of objects in a hierarchical structure of containers and sub-containers to making easy accessible and manageable. Object class consists of several attributes from its member class. although Windows Server 2003 Active Directory defines it is set as default object. if an organisation need to changes to an administrator can change and modify the objects for organizational needs.

Organizational Unit ( OU ) :

It is the least abstract component of the windows server 2003 Active Directory. It works as a container into which resources of a domain can be placed. its logical structure is similar to an organization's functional structure.

Domain Controller :

 A Windows server 2003 on Which Active Directory Services are installed and run is called a domain controller a domain controller locally resolves queries for information about objects in its directory partition it manages to administrator through all contains.

Site :

 A site is a group of domain controllers that exist on different IP subnets and is connected to the existing on different IP subnets and are connected to Via fast and reliable network connection. A network may contain multiple sites connected by a WAN link. Sites are used to control replication traffic, which may occur within a site or between sites is referred to as intersite replication.

Requirement To Install Active Directory Services :

1) NTFS Partition with Enough free Space
2) An Administrator User Name and Password 
3) Correct Operating System Version
4) Configured to TCP/IP ( IP Add, Subnet Mask, Default gateway 
5) Operational DNS Server 
6) Domain Name that you Want to Use.
7) The Windows Server CD Media.

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