What is the AWS amazon web services & How to configure EC2 Instances

What are the amazon web services and Why need amazon web services...?

AWS is the online services it helps to storage space consumption an automatically maintain the services and software, in AWS manage to the data storage with security a user end will manage the automatic services like docker, etc. AWS provides many services. we share the details of a few services 

 1) Compute.
 2) Storage.
 3) Security , Identity & Compliance .
 4) Networking & Content  Delivery .
 5) AWS Cost Management.

 Explaining the following Services.

* Compute :

 In many services in Compute Like EC2, Lightsail, Lambda, Batch, Elastic Beanstalk, Serverless Application Repository, AWS Outposts, EC2 Image Builder.

How to configure EC2 Instances.

EC2 :

 1) Login on AWS accounts.

2)  Check the EC2 Dashboard  & Launch Instance.

3)  Then Select the Amazon Linux 2AMI 64bit Then Click NEXT.

4)  Then select the Free tier eligible CPU, Memory, Instance Storage Click on Next Step.

5)  Configure Instance, how many configure the number of machines.

 Note: If you have selected the option is the specific server price to a how will be on the server on which time.

 Shutdown behavior { It's Depend on a server request } 

 * Stop: After discounted the session it's will be work.
 * Terminate: After selecting this option the machine will be terminated.
 * Tenancy: Always the select option on shared-Run a Shared hardware instance.

6) Select Option ADD Storage.

7) Select Option Add Tags.

8) Click on the Next option to Configure Security Group.

* Assign a security Group
* Security Group Name 
* Description 

Then Click on Next.

9) Review & Launch, Launch >Create a new key pair > KEY Pair name > Download Key Pair > Launch Instances wait for the launch of the instance.

 Note:  Then Download a puttygen software.

* How to use the Puttygen.

Open to the PuTTY Key Generator  > Select the Load >. Pem file load > Save private key > Yes >
Then configure the putty configuration.

Go to the SSH > Auth > Browse the generator Key > Then click on Session > Host [ ec2_user@XXX]
Now commanding prompt is open. 

Now logging in Linux with command :

1) sudo su -

2) Yum install httpd -y
    ( After completing this command )

3) cd /var/www/html

4) echo "<body bgcolor=pink><marquee><h1><font color=yellow > THIS AWS">index.html

5) systemctl start httpd

6) systemctl enable httpd.

This is the process of how to configure EC2 Instances. after this process, EC2 instances is configured.

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