What is the AWS Load Balancer ?

How will configure the AWS Load Balancer?

Amazon web services load balancer definition:-

A Load balancer distribute workload across multiple computer resources, using a load balancer increase the availability fault tolerances of your application.elastic load balancing automatically distributes incoming application traffic across multiple targets such as EC2 instances, containers, IP address, Lambda function.

1)Login into AWS ( aws.amazon.com ).

2) Go to the Services.

3) Select the EC 2 instances & Running instances.

4 ) Launch Running Instances.

5) Choose AMI.

6) Choose Instance Type. ( like CPU Configuration .)

7) Go to the configure Instance.

8) Select Advance Details.

Type below commands ,
# !/bin/bash
sudo su -
yum install httpd -y
echo "<body bgcolot=black><marquee><h1><font color=yellow>site2..."> /var/www/html/index.html.
systemctl start httpd
systemctl enable httpd.

Now is EC 2 Instance is working, then Go the Load Balancing option.

1) Select the Load Balancers option.

2 ) Create a Load Balancer.

3 ) Select the Create Load Balancer.

4 ) Then Select the Select the VPC if you have created and Assign Security Group.

5) Create New Security Group & Next.

6) Then Select Create option. 

7) Now Load Balancer is created.

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